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     I started working with Susan Ondrasek in early 2009 after experiencing persistent pain and mobility limitations due to a chronic disorder first diagnosed in 2003.
     Susan started my treatments only after a very thorough evaluation that was followed by a carefully-described treatment plan. She provided me plenty of education about the proposed care and allowed time for lots of questions. Through a combination of zen shiatsu, accupuncture and Reiki, I am now essentially pain free and enjoy incredibly enhanced energy. Not only that, she corresponds with my rheumatologist and as a result, my medications have been reduced.
     As an allopathic physician, I started out a bit skeptical. But with the improvements I experienced in only a few weeks, I was quickly convinced that Ms. Ondrasek is a gifted, compassionate and effective clinician with tremendous skills and knowledge!
-- Glenn Lippman, MD, Austin, Texas

     I'm very persnickety when choosing health care providers and spent a long time trying out different acupuncturists until I found Susan. Susan is not only a skillful practitioner, but also a caring individual who listens. As I've seen her over time, she has assisted me with overcoming issues and regaining a sense of well-being.
-- Terry M., Austin, Texas

     Susan gave me her full, undivided attention at each appointment. She projects a professional and relaxed attitude of "I can and will help you." She combines several disciplines in her treatment--you are getting "healing plus." Each treatment left me feeling "jelled out" and a little unwilling to leave.
     Susan's knowledge of TCM and use of herbs for on-going relief makes her a true asset to the healing community.

-- Lou Detwiler, Kerrville, Texas

     Susan's experience in the healing arts shows in her comprehensive approach to diagnosing and treating what seems to me a confusing grab bag of symptoms. After her treatment, I just had a good night's sleep, my first in quite awhile due to stress at work and home.
-- Gary S., Dallas, Texas

     Seven Treasures Healing Arts was my first visit to Oriental medicine. If you have no experience in this area, it’s like going to a foreign land where they speak another language. But do not worry, Susan will explain things in terms that you can easily understand. My first visit was extraordinary in terms of the amount of time spent evaluating my problems and concerns. She made me feel completely at ease. You won’t find this kind of treatment at a doctor’s office.

     In 2000, I was in a t-bone car accident in and underwent back surgery to fuse my spine. For nearly 10 years I experienced constant pain running down the back of my leg to my feet as well as muscle spasms with many visits to doctors, physical therapists, massage therapists, as well as taking tons of medicines. After only three visits to Susan, the pain was gone!!! During the course of a few months the muscle spasms decreased and disappeared too. So I highly recommend Susan.

-- Terry R., Elgin, Texas

     Susan is a miracle worker!  Ever since my visit with I have progressively been getting better and experiencing better sleep each night. I have slept all through the night without waking up at 3:00 am (like I used to) for the past two weeks. In fact, I'm getting the best sleep ever.
     I took the herbs regularly that she prescribed so I'm not sure if it's the herbs or the acupuncture that fixed me. But whatever it is, it's totally working. On rare occasions I still have to take a sleeping pill to actually fall asleep, but it's becoming more of a rare occasion when I need to do this.  Even so, I always get good solid sleep throughout the night, which never happened before.

     Also, my upper shoulders were completely healed about two days after my visit.  I can actually lift weights and work out without the pain re-occuring like it did in the past. 
-- T. B., Austin, Texas

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